Where is OneNote for Mac OS?

I happen to love one Microsoft product – OneNote.

OneNote is a brilliant note-taking program that offers a bunch of useful features to the organized and the not-so-organized like me.

I use it mainly at work – especially when conducting design research or inspiration. I surf the web, find great websites and clip to OneNote everything that strikes my fancy – it’s perfect for creating moodboards. I love the fact that you don’t need to insert data into it in a linear way – paste things wherever you want and you’re good to go.

Design research in OneNote

Design research in OneNote

The only thing that bugs me is that I haven’t yet found a way to create to-do lists that makes completed tasks automatically turn gray.

Task management and todos

Task management and todos

I want this thing for the Mac too – it’s one powerhouse of note-taking and scrapbooking. I guess it would replace my personal information manager (currently SohoNotes) too.

Ever heard of a similar application for Mac OS? Do share!

UPDATE: I just recently stumbled upon a fantastic app full of OneNote features for Mac OS X, called Curio. This app does what OneNote does and much more, so give it a shot! I’m kinda convinced.

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  1. Derek #1

    το iScrapbook το δοκίμασες?

  2. Sugar #2

    @Derek: It seems that iScrapbook is more photo scrapbooking-oriented. I want an application which is suitable for note taking too :)

  3. Flareman #3

    Try Yojimbo from Bare Bones Software, it might be just what you are looking for:)

  4. Sugar #4

    @Flareman: I have bought Yojimbo but switched over to Soho Notes since it provides support for more file formats – still, neither Yojimbo nor SohoNotes does exactly what OneNote does: write/paste content anywhere, in one step.

  5. KCorax #5

    Onenote rules. You should try it with a tablet, the air-gestures alone are just soo addictive.

    The feature you want would indeed be nice, but judging by the DOM of the application I don’t think I (or anyone) can make such a plugin unless the upcoming SP1 changes sth.

    As for having it on non-windows machines, you can at least browse your content with the web exporter http://www.codeplex.com/ONWebber . It also fits and collaborates well with Sharepoint. It’s also free and OSS.

  6. Sugar #6

    @KCorax: Thanks for the handy web exporter, I’ll try it tomorrow at work :)

    As for Sharepoint, the word “server” alone is enough to make me shudder! ;)

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  10. Mark #10

    Check out “Curio 4″ and “Notebook 2.1″. Especially Curio 4 is brilliant, even better then Onenote (which I love too)


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  12. Scott #12

    I am sorry, but none of these products come anywhere close to OneNote. Not only is OneNote more flexible, but I can sync it to my Sharepoint site and access it from anywhere or share it to others if I wish. Not to mention that with a tablet, it is amazing.

    I am a die hard mac users, but I have to say that most of the Mac apps (even office for Mac) fall way short in the area of real business.

  13. Sugar #13

    @Mark: Sorry, but I’ll have to stick with Scott in this one: none of the brainstorming or notetaking Mac apps does what OneNote does: permitting you to paste stuff anywhere on the page and store it in notebooks and pages.

    Maybe Notebook is something like OneNote, but its kinda strict organizational structure doesn’t fit my workflow at all.

  14. Brad C #14


    Just wondering if you’ve found anything over the past couple of months that comes up to OneNote’s standards. I would really like the ability to tie emails (from Mac Mail? Or Entourage?) and meeting appointments (from iCal? Or … no Mac version for Mac Office?) to notes, plus the other features you’re looking for.

    Any suggestions? I’m using Win XP w/Office 2003 now, but would like to become a OneNote 2007 (2008 for Mac? Or an early 2009 version out in the next month or two?) user.

    I guess I can run Office 2007 in Win XP in a VMWare Fusion window on my MBP, then browse it w/ Safari… That’s probably what I’ll end up doing in the end, (unless you can save me from this fate!?) :-)

  15. Dzhimbeaux #15

    I’m an academic, and I have a university-issued PC in my office. My home- and cafe-box is a MacBook. I’m a diehard OSX freak.

    I gotta agree with those who say that OneNote is a rare flash of app-genius by Microsoft. It’s functional, forgiving, intuitive, and just very cool for research.

    (You want academic productivity chills? Drop a .pdf of an article in a OneNote workbook, put it on share the book with a class, and watch the commentary emerge around the text. OMG.)

    I’d love to see this app for OSX, though I have a hunch some of its more luscious features will go dark. It’s just a little too integrated in Vista, I think. But I’m no code-warrior, so I’d love to be proven wrong.

  16. Nicole_fromOneNote #16

    OneNote for Mac is now available. You can get it for free in the Mac App store or at http://www.onenote.com


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