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Zennaware‘s Cornerstone is a (or yet another a) sexy Subversion client app for Mac OS. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty enough. But the site, oh, the site:

Awesome use of colours and grids in a page so informative it (kinda) hurts. I love it.

What I’d like to see differently: Screenshots should be moved to the top of the content, right after the introductory text. Screenshots is the first thing a user wants to see while checking out an app, especially a Mac user.

Moreover, I’m a sucker for big headers, but well, this one kinda hurts my 13.3” Macbook. Only thing I can see when full screen is the humongous logo, the download badge and some text.

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  1. jimeh #1

    I do agree that they’re site is damn nice. However, I don’t hold the app itself that high.

    I’ve been meaning to post a review of Versions and Cornerstone. And one comparing the two, or just make it all one blog post :P

    Bottom line regarding Cornerstone, is that its currently slow, and when i say slow, i mean _SLOOOOOOW_. Twenty seconds to get a directory listing containing 5 folders from a local working directory, not so good. And its GUI doesn’t look close to as good as Versions.

    Cornerstone has a lot of potential, when they get the app working properly. It does offer a lot of more advanced features than Versions, only they’re really slow, or just don’t work at all for the time being.

    Personally, I’m using Versions at the moment, and loving it. Using svn has become really fun… lol


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