Most Inappropriate Product Placement in Known History

OK, I exaggerate. But you should have got used to it by now.

It’s my lunch break. I enjoy my lentils, while idly surfing around YouTube. I find this new hip-hop promo by the greek band Stavento. I hate greek music but Stavento is a secret crush of mine, plus they feature this amazingly beautiful and talented 16-year old. So I click on it.

I’m watching idly till I stumble upon the most awkward product placement I’ve seen recently. Like the porn flashes embedded to normal movies by Tyler Durden, it makes me cringe.

If you’re really anxious to see it, scroll to 2:45, up until 3:00.

Whut? NIVEA skincare products are now a trend between young, fashionable tweens? And they carry them around in their pockets? Who knew?

Seriously, who approves this stuff?

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  1. stelios k #1

    ahdia (sorry no relevant english term)

  2. Markos Charatzas #2

    It’s “gross” actually stelios k :)
    It’s borderline subliminal and I hate it.

  3. Svelon #3

    Am I the only one that finds it normal? After all those chocolates, juices, cellphones and other trendy things, something that must-be-hair-styling-something is not that eccentric.
    Personally, I found Britney Spear’s RX8 much more “Inappropriate Product Placement” :P

  4. Sugar #4


    The problem, hon, would be if you weren’t the one that finds it normal.


  5. Diomidis Anadiotis #5

    Yeah.. Ok. After dozens of cellphones staring in the videoclips, now we’ve got nivea.

    What’s next?
    Pizza deliveries like Kalomira?

  6. mouras #6

    once more !! the example is right > how gross and cheap greek music “promotional methods” are … “stavento” hip hop my ass… makes me wanna puke :P

  7. yrizos #7

    let me be the paranoid one: how much did Nivea pay you to draw our attention to this?


  8. Sugar #8

    @yrizos I assure you, nothing :)


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