Carrefour offers a ‘new’ product: iPhone!

I don’t know if this is an act of stupidity that has its root on Carrefour central or just the greek Carrefours.

After returning from work today, I found the usual Carrefour offer leaflet and browsed it. That’s when I found this:

iPhone available in Greece!

This, my dear non-Greek friends, claims that the Carrefour in my hometown (Heraklion, Crete, Greece) has iPhones to sell! It may not be available in Europe yet, but who cares, we’re Greek and we offer the unavailable!

And you did notice the price, didn’t you? This gem here claims that the iPhone is available starting from 745 euros. “Starting” means that the 4Gb version is available for approximately 1033 dollars!

Yep, that’s right, even after the price cut of the 8Gb version to 399 dollars.

If that’s a mistake of the advertising agency, it’s ridiculous. If it’s true, it’s fucking triple ridiculous, pardon my french.

If that’s the first steps of iPhone in Greece, thank you guys, but I’ll pass.

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  1. artech #1

    There’s a shop in Salonica, Greece, named “bestdeals” or something, that claims to sell iPhones too. The 8GB model costs 600 euros.

  2. stelabouras #2

    Lol, that’s funny.

    At the same time some other shops (public for example) have the i-????? for demonstration and they don’t let anyone take photos or something!

    *gkoux* illegal? *gkoux*

  3. jimeh #3

    lol… people are idiots… i’m sure there’s similar stuff showing up a bit here and there all over europe atm, loads of shops making mistakes, or just false advertising to get people to come to the shops, and hopefully endup buying something even tho they can’t buy the iphone…

    as for Public having them on display, i was at Public in volos today, and got a photo of it – :D

  4. Svelon #4

    Why, did you expect something else?
    Do you remember the PS3 in Plaisio six months before it “officially came to Greece”? Ok, that was for show only, but it was there and it was working. As for the price, it was obvious that it would skyrocket here. Just take a look at its antagonists’ prices.

    As long as there’s no “Apple Greece”, there won’t be any development for Apple products in Greece. And if you ask me, I doubt if there will be such a store here soon.

  5. Thessalonikios #5

    Hi to the forum,
    I couldn’t resist the challenge, so I paid a visit to the local Carrefour at Thessaloniki (Macedonia Center).
    Was that a surprise or what … The phone was AVAILABLE (27-09-07, 15:00) and it wasn’t a marketing “scam” …
    The price was of course the one stated (749 Euros for a 4 GB iphone…)& now the funny side of the “deal” = The person that is in charge of the mobile phone section makes very clear to me that the phone has “no software” (Good one…= Must be a new version of the iphone … lol) so when I ask him what does that mean ??? He repeats the same “line” the phone has no software … u can buy it … use it as an ipod … and by the end of December … our disributor Global S.A. will update it … so that way u can make telephone calls … (God help me)
    I couldn’t resist to ask him to take a look at the phone … He said no problem … so I go ahead and turn the device on !!! … and what a surprise the phone does have software … (NO WAY … lol) but it’s a U.S. version that is locked to AT&T …
    When I ask him at this point what is going on ? The guy is looking at me like he is “lost in space” … My next question is about the warranty … and he mentions that is not covered by Apple … (no sh.t) but by GLOBAL S.A. (Who the funk … lol … is that company … :)
    If this is not Ridiculous WHAT IS ???
    End of the story.

  6. Alexi #6

    I found a very reliable site much like an eBay auction site, that has iPhones with Greek keyboard unlocked for a reasonable 500 euros, so I bought 1 and it works great!

  7. Hart #7

    Which carrier do you use for the I Phone? Does e mail work as well?

  8. Sugar #8

    @Hart: I haven’t bought an iPhone yet – and I just can’t picture myself doing so after this.

  9. AO #9

    This is real. I visited one of Carrefour in Athens today(14/02/08) and
    I saw iPhone was displayed there. I almost fainted.

    Incredible indeed.

  10. kon #10

    Few minutes ago I phoned to carrefour of Macedonia Center and they told me they don’t have it. :S

  11. susan #11

    We are with you – its ridiculous!!!! We lived in Ammoudara for several month in 2007/ 2008 we couldn’t believe the general cost of living there – we just couldn’t afford it! I don’t think the Euro has done the Greek people any favours. It has always been our first choice of holiday destination for years but now we won’t consider it! It’s just too expensive…. Carrefour was our local Supermarket and some things were reasonable but nowhere as cheap as the likes of our Asda in the UK.


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