On World of Warcraft, druids and lvl70

It may sound pathetic, but the first major achievement of 2008 for me was getting my druid, Tintalle, to level 70 in World of Warcraft.

Tintalle gazing upon her (über) future
Tintalle gazing upon her (über) future

For the lucky ones that did well and left this evil, evil game out of their lives, level 70 is the highest level a character can reach in WoW. At least until the new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, comes out…

For the most of those 70 levels I was without a party to quest with. I ventured and ventured in the vast lands of Azeroth completely alone, killing mobs and completing quests and shapeshifting from cat to bear and back. I haven’t had anyone to party with until level 65 or something, when Stelios decided to get his uber shadow priest to help me.

For the record, I’ve lived two earthquakes while logged in the game (I mean, real earthquakes) and before I ran to the door, I made sure I had my character safely hearthed back in a cozy inn, not to lose rest status.

That sounds sad, no?

But by looking upon those countless hours of levelling (according to the game, I’ve spent almost 14 days playing only this character), hey, it may sound stupid, but I feel glad.

Most of you will find it the most time-consuming silly thing, but I know that I did what I liked doing at the moment, I met some nice people in my guild and had ridiculous fun bashing mobs and getting new, shiny gear. And when the expansion comes out, I’ll buy it. And play some more. And get to level 80.

I can say one thing people – Blizzard can make addictive stuff. You have to admit. Love it or hate it, WoW is an industry-changing game.

On a relevant note, druids FTW!

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  1. stelabouras #1

    Congrats for your level Sugar (or may I say Tintalle?)!

    I am looking forward for the second expansion too :)

    Rep & gold farm now ;)

  2. stelios #2

    Why 14 days seem a little to me?
    I think I spent more time playing GTA III. It can just be my imagination though…
    i wonder where you fing time..i wouldn’t make it anymore.
    Tintalle stands for…?

  3. stelabouras #3


    That’s 14 days like 14×24 hours continuously (Game logs each minute that you play and presents you how many non-stop days you have spent).

    Tintalle is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world.

  4. acidsmile #4


    [sadly] After my 70 mage and 70 lock i’m 20 lvls away from getting my priest to 70 and that’s without the minions I got up to mid forties and fifties and got bored lol

    and to think that I am a casual gamer these days and don’t even play much during the week. I am addicted to it though.

  5. stelabouras #5


    Just this: “OMFG!” :P You are trully addicted!

  6. KCorax #6

    What server are you on ? I have a shared presence on Shadowmoon and Spinebreaker.

  7. Sugar #7

    @KCorax: I’m on Kilrogg, normal (non-PvP) server.

  8. Azazel #8

    You can find a huge batch of exclusive World of Warcraft action figures & statues at this site:



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