..OK, I just made up this word.

I may be the only blogger hosting the WordPress suite in her own hosting space with her hard-earned money that hasn’t updated yet.

It’s true, my dear readers. My WordPress is still v1.5 virgin.

There are numerous reasons why I haven’t updated yet:

  • I don’t have the free time I spend all my free time browsing around, writing stuff, or worse yet, playing WoW.
  • I’m afraid. Yes, afraid. I know that the minute I upgrade, a Voidwalker will come and gulp my database backup, along with all my files.
  • I like version 1.5 OK, ignore this one.



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  1. Tsevdos John #1

    Well I can assure you that its not so hard as it sounds like. Just backup your database and follow the 5 steps to wonderland!!! By the way I am also a self-sponsored blogger, but I really enjoy it!!! We can do more fancy stuff than the other bloggers ;-).

  2. P.J. Onori #2

    Yeah, upgrading blogs can be a very bad experience. My upgrade from MT 2.x to 3.2 was the very reason why I moved to WordPress.

    Good luck, I wish you the best. :)

  3. Maria #3

    Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. The last time we had this discussion you were working on your senior essay. Oh well, let’s go through this again.

    If I can do it with my crappy dial up, so can you. Just back up everything. The evil monsters can’t eat your back ups. Yes, the stupid WYSING post editor is still there (just deactivate it) and there’s an annoying apostrophe bug in the latest version (you’ll have to download a patch), but these shouldn’t be a concern; security issues are far too important.

    Come on, I’ll hold your hand during this terrifying procedure ;)


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